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There are a number of photographers who have gifted their images to the documentary. If you are interested in seeing more photos by them, be sure and check their listing in the image gallery on or by viewing their websites listed below.

Featured Still Image Photographers at Black Rock

Douglas Dibella -

Neil K -

Patrick Roddie -

Quito Bonogon -

Stewart Harvey -

Additional Still Image Photographers at Black Rock

Mark D. Klein

Christopher Schardt

Sean Ryan

Jay Kravitz

Dave Marr

Andrew Kuepper

John Mitchell

Frank Michaux IV

Steve Saroff -

Niles Harrison -

Tim Timmermans -

Thom van Os -

DzM -

Heather Gallagher -

George Post -

Charles C. Benton -

Playa Del Fuego and Burning Snowman Still Images by

Rob Carlson -

Bobby G

Burning Corn Images Still Images by

Blue Caldwell

Southeast Alaska Burn Images Still Images by

Shelley and Carolyn Stallings -

Synorgy Still Images by



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